Viat plasmawave

Laboratory test-proven, 99.98% effective pathogen neutralization, the patented technological equipment can be purchased or booked. The operation of the device has been proven to be completely harmless to human tissues, however, it neutralizes the targeted pathogens - fungi, bacteria, viruses - in a few minutes.

                                         New method to end coronavirus epidemic?

An entirely new method could be used to treat diseases caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus: a special frequency radiation developed by the Nuremberg-based Vi-At plasmawave that can kill pathogens immediately with targeted electromagnetic waves without physical contact. The technology under patent has recently achieved test-proven results in neutralizing the PRRSV virus, which is also responsible for respiratory problems and belongs to the nidovirales order, as COVID-19.
For a year, humanity has been fighting a war against a new type of coronavirus epidemic. For now, COVID-19 is a win-win, with the number of deaths rising day by day, yet no internationally accepted, real-world vaccine has been developed, even though the best professionals in the world have been working for months.

In this context, moreover, we may be more concerned, as there have recently been reports that 17 million mink have been ordered to be eradicated in Denmark, fearing that the virus will mutate in the animal's body, a new version of which could be returned to humans. So the fight is going on, but it seems that the reassuring solution is still far away.

Frequency radiation can be effective

However, it is possible that the coronavirus can be stopped without a vaccine - at least this is suggested by the encouraging research results of the Vi-At plasmawave. It is a well-known fact that due to the constant mutations of pathogens, the vaccine will always be at a disadvantage against the disease, so it is advisable to look for another, more flexible and at the same time more effective solution. This could be the frequency radiating device they have developed, which is currently under patent, and which is able to destroy various pathogens by special electromagnetic waves without contact, even immediately. They have not yet had the opportunity to test for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, but in studies with other pathogens, clear results of 99.88-100% efficacy have been achieved.

The advantage of the method, according to the company, is that the mutation of pathogens has no significance in terms of their frequency value, so it is not always necessary to wait for the development of a vaccine for a new virus strain. The device is suitable for the selective killing of fungi, bacteria and viruses without any evidence of adverse effects on the human body by radiobiological laboratory testing.

Vi-At tested the innovative technology of plasmawave:
• the RT-Europe Research Center,
• the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of the István Széchenyi University in Hungary,
• as well as the Hungarian National Institute of Public Health.

Outstanding result between 350 and 358 kHz

Based on the latest studies in October, the RT-Europe Research Center found that radiation from 350 to 358 kHz completely eliminated the ability of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) to reproduce, demonstrating that their technology could eliminate any pathogens without side effects. they can destroy.

In the test, susceptible PRRSV viruses, which are in the same order as coronaviruses, were treated for five minutes at different frequency ranges and amplitudes. It is clear from the results that the 350-358 kHz treatment prevented the viruses from infecting and replicating, their amount did not increase at all in three days, in contrast to the other wavelengths and the trend observed in the control experiment.

It can be effective against any pathogen

Studies by the Széchenyi István University have shown that the technology kills 99.99% of the Candida albicans fungal strain, 99.99% of Salmonella enterica, 99.99% of Bacillus cereus and 99.88% of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, according to the Nuremberg Institute. Vi-At plasmawave that frequency radiation effectively and immediately excretes any pathogen at its own frequency without side effects on human tissues. No other such effective method is known against Candida albicans because, although the drug treatments are partially effective, they cause great damage to the liver.

These results give technology developers confidence and further testing, and believe that if the SARS-CoV-2 virus strain were to be tested with the frequency transmitter, it would be a huge step in the fight against COVID-19.

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